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Do Handi-Lift products meet ADA?

Yes, all our lifts are manufactured and installed to comply with the ADA

They are recognized as part of an accessible route: 

402.2 Components. Accessible routes shall consist of one or more of the following components: walking surfaces with a running slope not steeper than1:20, doorways, ramps, curb ramps excluding the flared sides, elevators, andplatform lifts. All components of an accessible route shall comply with the applicable requirements of Chapter 4.”

However, in new construction they are limited to serving performing areas, speaker’s platforms, to meet seating dispersion requirements, to access rooms occupied by less than 5 and not open to the general public, dwelling or sleeping units, in courtrooms, outdoor dining terraces and where exterior site constraints make use of elevator or ramp in feasible. 

The ADA Standards for Accessible Design, sometimes referred to as the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG), address a lot more than just the lift. You also need to be concerned about the space around the lift which includes items like approach to swing doors, use of ramps and the design and location of controls for example.

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Priscilla Fujimura

In addition to being the Editor-In-Chief of and the Knowledge Base, Priscilla is the Sales Administrator at Handi-Lift Headquarters in New Jersey. She has been at HQ since 2016, coordinating the sales team, running marketing efforts, organizing the office , and planning corporate events.

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