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20231215 105919

Hispanic Society Museum & Library

Handi-Lift installed two turning inclined platform lifts outside of the Hispanic Society Museum & Library in Manhattan. Both lifts are the Garaventa Artira model. Both lifts turn 180 degrees at their respective lower landing to allow platform storage against the outside of the staircase. The black finish on the first lift matches the stairs that the lift travels over. 

The black finish on the second lift matches the landmarked gate that the lift travels through at the upper landing. The second lift also travels over landmarked stairs. To preserve the stairs, a metal railing was installed next to the original railing. This metal railing is supported by posts at the top and bottom landings. We mounted the rails for the lift to the new metal railing with brackets to avoid touching the stairs.

Lift 1
The first lift provides access to this impressive entryway.
Lift 2
The second lift travels over landmarked stairs, and the rails squeeze through the landmarked gate when it is closed.

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