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Handi-Lift participates in homeSAFE Campaign

CBS This Morning reported today on a recent tragedy involving an elevator in the home.… joined with other industry leaders to support homeSAFE” an industry led educational campaign to educate homeowners about how to install, operate and maintain their home elevators safely.

A home elevator is a great convenience for many home owners. For some it is a necessity to continue living in their home. Elevators are used safely many times every day to gain access throughout the home.

However there are instances where the misuse of an elevator will cause a dangerous situation.

  • When any electrical safety circuit is jumped out” or bypassed it can create a hazard that allows the elevator to be in motion
  • When elevators are not reviewed in a safety inspection by an authorized representative in the jurisdiction of the home there can be an unsafe condition that was not addressed by the installing contractor or general contractor.
  • When damaged parts are not repaired or replaced safety hazards can be created.
  • When an elevator is not maintained the elevator may become less reliable leading to an entrapment in the elevator.
  • If proper procedures are not followed in an elevator entrapment serious safety hazards can be experienced.
  • If the shaft way and landing doors are not constructed correctly it can leave an excessive gap between the door and the elevator cab.

Handi-Lift takes immediate action to address all of these issues during a maintenance visit or a repair call on a home elevator. One popular safety improvement to reduce the gap in between the shaft and the elevator cab, Handi-Lift recommends having a contractor correct the doors so that there is a minimal landing ledge from the code maximum of 3 inches to 2 inches which is the size of the door interlock. Otherwise to reduce the landing ledge of an existing elevator is to add a baffle” to the inside of the landing door, this way it would be impossible for anyone to be trapped between the door and the elevator.

See the homesafe website for more safety information:

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James Boydston

James is the President of Handi-Lift Service, Inc. and Doug Boydston’s son. James has been with Handi-Lift for 10 years.

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