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Recent Project: Braithwaite Residence

This private residence on Long Island was elevated due to its proximity to the beach. This required an accessibility solution that could withstand the elements and survive potential flooding. Handi-Lift worked with the general contractor on the project, Irwin Contracting, to design the solution. The lift pictured here is a Genesis OPAL unenclosed vertical platform lift by Garaventa. It has a 10 foot rise that provides access from ground level to the deck. Aluminum is used in the construction of outdoor lifts like this to provide longevity and protection from the elements, and this unit was installed with the controller and the pump raised up inside of the mast above the flood zone. Get in touch to see more photos.

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Priscilla Fujimura

In addition to being the Editor-In-Chief of and the Knowledge Base, Priscilla is the Sales Administrator at Handi-Lift Headquarters in New Jersey. She has been at HQ since 2016, coordinating the sales team, running marketing efforts, organizing the office , and planning corporate events.

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