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Recent Project: Residential Lobby in Long Island City

We recently installed an inclined platform lift, the XpressII by Garaventa, at a 3‑unit apartment building in Long Island City. This is a new residential building that required a wheelchair lift to provide accessibility to the first floor apartment.

Handi-Lift was contacted by the General Contractor on the project, Ascent Development, LLC, to provide this lift. Ascent Development was an excellent partner during this project. Our sales engineer worked with them and the architect, Vincent Martineau, Architect, PC, to complete the design. 

This XpressII is an example of standard installation and features, except for the low voltage runs, which are hidden behind the finished wall to provide a clean aesthetic.

Get in touch to see more photos.

*Please note that while this building has strollers parked in front of the lift, we do not recommend this! All landings around the lift must be clear for users to enter and exit the lift safely.

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