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Urban Outfitters — Store 1015

Handi-Lift installed two turning inclined platform lifts for Urban Outfitters in Store 1015. We worked with architect David Levy and Jerry Princehorn on the design. Two Garaventa Artira models allow customers and employees to access merchandise on intermediate landings. The first lift simply travels straight up and down a staircase. The drive box wraps around the top landing, and the platform turns 90-degrees around the bottom landing for compact storage.

First Lift with standard design

The second lift required more planning because of the unusual shape of the staircases. Access to the platform at the bottom loading area lies over another staircase which is at an obtuse angle to the staircase the lift ascends. The lift makes a 90-degree turn at the upper landing where the platform parks, but the drive box needed to turn again to follow the shape of the landing.

Second Lift with wide angle and access over lower staircase
Second Lift with parking area and drive box around additional turn

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