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The Puck Building is a 19th century building in Lower Manhattan, New York. It houses grand ballrooms, office space, and NYU classrooms and is a designated landmark structure. This designation presented a challenge for Handi-Lift, Inc. when they were hired to install a platform lift.

Standard outdoor controls for the lift would not be approved by the Landmarks Commission, so Handi-Lift devised a solution, placing the controls inside of the building. Another issue arose from the unique flooring. The architect planned to place the wheelchair lift on stairs and sidewalk made of cast iron and glass. To address concerns about adequate support for the heavy equipment, Handi-Lift worked closely with the other trades to locate and install a steel support system.

Handi-Lift installed the platform lift with proper structural support and custom iron work to blend in with the cast iron and glass staircase. These clever solutions and teamwork earned the approval for the lift from the Landmarks Commission, the Department of Buildings, and the Elevator Division.


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