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Handi-Lift Installs First Ever Wheelchair Lift in NYC Subway

Handi-lift was recently given the opportunity to install the first wheelchair lift in the NYC subway system.

Tishman Corp. had developed the property at 44th Street and 8th Avenue and was responsible for providing updated accessibility to the existing subway entrance below the new Hotel Intercontinental. Handi-lift was already consulting on another accessibility project for the MTA and was brought in to help with this unique challenge.

Space limitations made it impossible for a traditional elevator to provide full access for mobility impaired riders from the street level. The MTA needed a lift that was durable enough to withstand 24-hour usage, simple to operate for the passengers, and easy to maintain.

Handi-lift designed a custom keyless vertical platform lift to take riders from an intermediary platform to the track. A special drive system was provided by Lift‑U to meet the demands of heavy 24-hour use and the stainless steel and glass enclosure was built by InDetail and built by INA Building Shop.

Now the lift, the first of its kind installed in the NYC subway system, is fully operational and providing Accessibility with Dignity to all of the riding public.

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Nora Boydston

Nora is a writer with an MFA from the New School in New York City. She lives in Washington Heights.

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