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Recent Project: Dunkin Donuts Montclair

At a Dunkin Donuts in Montclair, NJ, Handi-lift installed an inclined platform lift so the location could provide ADA compatible accessibility for customers. The model chosen was an Xpress II by Garaventa, and even in the standard colors it blends in with the surrounding architecture. It takes a close look to notice the towers on which the unit is mounted. Users enter and exit on opposite sides of the platform, called a straight-through platform, to enter the store from the sidewalk.

Handi-Lift worked with the Architect, GK + A Architects, to design this accessibility solution.

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Priscilla Fujimura

In addition to being the Editor-In-Chief of and the Knowledge Base, Priscilla is the Sales Administrator at Handi-Lift Headquarters in New Jersey. She has been at HQ since 2016, coordinating the sales team, running marketing efforts, organizing the office , and planning corporate events.

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