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Handi-Lift goes to Atlantic City

The NAEC 2018 Fall Convention was held at the Atlantic City Convention Center, a short bus ride from Handi-Lift headquarters in Carlstadt, NJ. Nearly all Handi-Lift employees were able to attend the Convention to check out new products and connect with vendors. Some of the staff really enjoyed the booth giveaways, others enjoyed catching up with former employers or putting a face to a name with a colleague they only ever speak with on the phone. It was great to see everyone there!

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Photo of Priscilla Fujimura

Priscilla Fujimura

In addition to being the Editor-In-Chief of and the Knowledge Base, Priscilla is the Sales Administrator at Handi-Lift Headquarters in New Jersey. She has been at HQ since 2016, coordinating the sales team, running marketing efforts, organizing the office , and planning corporate events.

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