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Unprecedented Style

Cesare Attolini, world-renowned Italian suit makers, opened their first U.S. boutique in New York this year at 798 Madison Avenue. Given the impeccable Attolini style, a standard platform (wheelchair) lift, simply would not suffice. Handi-Lift worked with Shamut Design and Construction and the architects to execute one of the most beautiful and challenging lift installations we have ever attempted. It could not have been done without the expert glass and polished stainless work by INA Building Shop.

The basic lift underneath is the Genesis by Garaventa with a roller chain hydraulic drive system. A shoe was added on top of the drive mast so that the glass could be extended to the ceiling on all sides of the enclosure.

The platform features a stainless COP with bare-edged glass car sides. We tiled the pit floor and covered the underside of the platform with stainless to maintain the flawless look when the lift is at the upper landing. The black granite flooring contrasts beautifully with the polished stainless panels on the face of the mast.

Floating on Air

When you step into the lift at the upper landing it feels as though you’re floating on air. The shear glass wall is only thing separating you from the dramatic chandelier; you could almost reach out and touch it. The millwork trim around the entrances matches the adjacent cabinets, softening the impact of the glass and stainless, and creating a warm and inviting feel.

The biggest challenge of this project was working in this small space with so many other trades in a tight time frame. The end result is not only Accessibility with Dignity, but Accessibility with Style.


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