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The Emigrant Savings Bank at 10 Downing Street in Manhattan serves the long-time residents of Greenwich Village, many of whom are seniors who still like to do their banking face-to-face. They come in, take a look at the stairs, and wonder if there is a better way to get to the tellers. Now the branch manager, who knows most of them by name, can tell them that there is a better way: a new vertical lift.


Our goal was to make sure the end users have as much confidence in the lift as they have in their bank, so an off-the-shelf lift would not be enough. We took a standard vertical platform lift and wrapped it in stainless steel and glass in a unitized assembly that could be installed in the field quickly. An archway was cut into the existing thick brick wall for the for the upper landing gate, and the curved glass balustrade on the adjacent stair really adds drama to the design. It was a pleasure working with the contractor, the other trades, and the bank on this prestigious project.


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